BBI Home Guide


BBI Home Guide is a training program that requires dumbbell and bodyweight exercises only. While this is ideal for home workouts, this Guide can also be utilized in the gym, while traveling, or whenever you have access to little equipment.

This Guide will challenge you whether you are brand new to fitness or highly experienced. Each muscle group is targeted using many different challenging.


  • 8-weeks of programmed workouts including hundreds of exercises all linked to video tutorials demonstrating proper form and technique. 
  • Low and high intensity cardio workouts
  • Core workouts
  • Warm-up & cool-down exercises.
  • This is an e-book; therefore, it can be easily downloaded to your phone or any device and taken wherever you go! You must download your guides within 24 hours to the device of your choosing. LINKS WILL EXPIRE AFTER 24 HOURS.


Home BBI Guide is 8-weeks long, but can be repeated as many times as desired. There are 6 workouts per week, with one day of rest. Individual workouts alternate between upper body strength, high intensity cardio and core, lower body strength, low intensity cardio and core and full body strength.


  • Dumbbells – preferably a few different weight options
  • A stable chair/stool/something to step up on
  • Yoga mat or cushioned floor area


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