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Welcome to BBI

We are happy you are here! Ian Randolph and Faustina Peve have teamed up to create BBI which is fueled by our passion for health and fitness.

We want to help you develop, reach and become your goals, educate along the process so you have the resources to continue your journey and live a sustainable life through fitness and healthy choices.

We want others to see how a lifestyle where you invest in your health shouldn’t feel like a job. It should be fun, challenging and something you look forward to do FOR YOU. When you fall in love with taking care of yourself you fall in love with the process. 

We are given one body to live this life in so why not be proud, confident and strong in it!

Optimize your Athletic Potential

BBI Fuel Guide

We gathered everything valuable that we have learned throughout our health and nutrition journey and put it into our BBI Fuel Guide.

This nutrition Guide will provide you with the information you need to cook healthy and delicious meals, buy a variety of nutritious foods, control your portion sizes, use supplementation properly, and so much more.

Join #TeamBBI

The #TeamBBI Facebook community is centered around your fitness journey, and ultimately, life.

We motivate one another. We provide honest advice and feedback through our own experiences.

We do not judge or disrespect. We lift each other higher and we become stronger, together!

Control your mind. Conquer your body.

Ian & Faustina
Ian & Faustina

Let us help guide you through your fitness journey!


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